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Teatr KOMIKadze
Mr Chap Comedy Show

Anyway, I assumed that you will want to see this, so now I have to work hard to write something reasonable.
My performance consists of several separate acts lasting from 5 to 15 minutes. They can be put together and in this way we get a whole of about 50 minutes. I say about because if I am on form, the applause is great and I have to wait before starting the next part. It often happens that the audience keep clapping for a long time because when a family member or somebody you know appears on stage there is much more fun.
Yes, I must admit here that I don’t like working alone and I closely cooperate with the audience. The spectators become part of the performance and discovering their acting skills they are having a great fun. Besides, each performance has it own, unique atmosphere as I never discuss the details with the “actors” beforehand , leaving room for improvisation for both myself and the participants. I suppose it’s enough of self-promotion and it’s best to see the films of my performance:

Mr ChapBiographyAchievementsPhotosPressPerformanceTechnical requirementsContact