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Teatr KOMIKadze
Mr Chap Comedy Show

Ha, you haven’t surprised me at all. It’s obvious that you want to see what I can be proud of.
Undoubtedly, my greatest success was passing the entrance exams to State College of Circus Art in Julinek because that’s how it all began. And why was it such a great claim to fame? There were more candidates that places and as regards acrobatics, all my abilities included tying shoelaces or scratching my right ear with my left hand. But what’s more important, I was “overdue”. The age limit was 21 and at that time I had been present in this world for a quarter of a century.
But I must have had some passion in my eyes since the school authorities offered me a place. Besides, I didn’t want to do forward rolls but to entertain people.
And it seems I have been quite successful at that as in 2004 at the Circus Festival in Passau, Germany , and in 2009 at the European Festival of Circus Art in Liege ( Belgium) I was awarded the second prize and in 2011 in the Talent Festival in Warsaw, organized by KORONA circus , I won Grand Prix.
It’ interesting, and for me the most important, that at all these festivals the only and the most impartial jury was the AUDIENCE!!!

Mr ChapBiographyAchievementsPhotosPressPerformanceTechnical requirementsContact