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Teatr KOMIKadze
Mr Chap Comedy Show

Aaa. Welcome again.
You’d like to learn a few things about me. Clear. I understand. After all you don’t buy a comedian in a poke.
I come from Ostrów, which means an island in Old Polish, to be exact from Ostrów Wielkopolski. I was born, briefly speaking, quite tritely and my life might stay like that if fate (?) didn’t throw me to Państwowe Studium Kulturalno – Oświatowe ( State College of Culture and Education) in Kalisz first, and then to Państwowe Studium Cyrkowe ( State College of Circus Art) in Julinek, where I graduated in 1991 with a quite original specialization written on my diploma. I must admit, however, that generally you don’t choose this profession. It is the other way round; it chooses you and you (or me) have only one choice: do it the best way you can.
And I guess I did pretty well, since after working for a few years I represented Poland on International Clown Festival (Clown d’ Oro) in Sicily and on International Festival of Circus Art in Budapest, after which I hit the trail to conquer Europe.
It was OK but over and over again I felt like leaving it all, because you just go to work and people keep laughing at you. It was the same everywhere, in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Germany and more exotic places, such as The Faroe Islands, or The Canary Islands. Even the Eskimos in Greenland didn’t spare me.
What’s more, if usual work on circus arenas, theatre or varieté stages wasn’t enough, I was laughed at during such special events as:
- a special program for the best customers of IBM company in Frankfurt,
- 50th anniversary of the airport in Nuremberg,
- 50th anniversary of Mars company,
- a special ceremony to celebrate the merger of Fujitsu and Siemens in Hannover.
Only once did I manage to change it. Then, it was Mister Cezary Żak and Mister Dariusz Michalczewski who were being laughed at as I prepared for them a special performance for the program ' Artists for Children' in 1999. I‘m not sure if the famous 'Tiger' liked it or not, but just in case I decided to leave Poland and for 12 years I worked abroad.

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